WEBVTT Mozilla Presentation

In my last post I talked about the team having to sprint to a demo in order to be able to present WEBVTT at Mozilla Toronto. We ended up being able to cobble together a simple demo — thank God. It was starting to look like in the last hours that we weren’t going to be able to do it, but we pulled through! You can check out the presentation where we show the working demo on AirMozilla. The most interesting thing about the demo for me was the fact that it had the effect of revealing to us just how much work is left on WEBVTT. So be prepared for many, many, many more blog posts ; ) on WEBVTT.

I haven’t been able to put as much time as I’d like to into WEBVTT in the last couple of weeks since a lot of my other classes are starting to finish up — lots of papers, presentations, etc, are due. This is also my final semester so I’m in a course where I have to write a white paper, basically a small thesis paper. I’ll be posting that on my blog when I’m finished as I’m finding my topic, Open-source Software Governance Systems, fairly interesting and although I’m no expert, maybe others will find it interesting as well.

In light of this I’ve only been able to do minor things on the WEBVTT project since the demo. I’ve been reviewing code, keeping up to date with issues, fixing some minor bugs in the cue-text parser, finishing up the rest of the cue-text unit test fixes, and finally, reading through the HTML 5 spec to figure out just what is left to be done. The HTML 5 spec kind of frustrates me as it doesn’t put all the text-track stuff together. Granted, there is an organization to it, but I’m only concerned with text-track… and it’s kind of hard to find all the text-track stuff barring reading through the entire spec. Some of the things I’ve been finding are that we do not have the entire HTML 5 spec implemented yet and some portions of the spec have already changed. For example, getCueAsHtml() is no longer in it. So we will have to do some updating at some point.

My white paper is due this coming Monday, so after that I will be turning my full attention to WEBVTT as my class needs to get it to 1.0 before the semester ends.


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